Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Office Re-Do . . . The Saga Continues

On my lunch break today, I stopped by Joann's and got pillow forms that are on sale and a few fabrics that I could use to embellish the bottom of the bedskirt. Combined with ribbon, this turned out really nice (I still need to iron it)Inspired by the pillows that Jana made for her bed, I thought the striped fabric would make a really great design using the Amy Butler Hourglass pattern. I carefully lined up the fabrics before cutting and sewed the pieces together. Oops! Obviously I didn't think that through very carefully. Well, I can use this piece for the back and cut out a couple more to complete the pattern correctly. Wow! That looks much better!Until you see the bottom. What in the world happened?!?My mind apparently was on other things and not thinking very clearly at all about the pillow!!! Well, until I decide to take the time to fix it, this one is just going to have to do (sorry Amy). I guess you could say it adds character?!!?
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JJB said...

looks like you had a pillow-making adventure just as i did with that pattern. next time we should pick a big floral print made out of stiff, non-stretchy fabric :)

Callie said...

Haha I actually liked the first and third ones. If you just said you meant to do it that way, who would know the difference? :)

(probably, everyone but me)

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