Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dan's Weekend

This was Dan's weekend! I drove down to his group home after work on Friday and picked him up. He really seemed to like his new room at my house and by the second night, was feeling comfortable enough to lay around in there watching a new movie. Despite being such a short time together, we managed to cram quite a lot of activity into it:
-we shopped for clothes,
-exchanged clothes,
-watched a movie,
-prepared and delivered soup to elderly neighbors as part of our church's Souper -Saturday program,
-worked in the yard,
-(how about this giant vine that ran across the yard?!?),
-played with Emmi,
-made a trip to the ICEE store,
-bathed Emmi (I taught Dan how to use my camera to take this picture),
-ate dinner with our step-mother and
-went to Sunday School.
Now we're looking forward to a vacation this summer to visit the rest of the family.
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