Wednesday, April 8, 2009


A spring tradition around here has always been having pictures made at Norton Art Gallery among the azaleas. Norton's is an amazing treasure we have hidden away here in Shreveport. I am always amazed when I hear of someone who's never been there----I love it! I drove by the other day, just to see how many were in bloom. And sure enough, there were cars everywhere and people with cameras strolling through the gardens. The azaleas are in full bloom and although some were beaten down in a recent storm, they are still beautiful.Seeing all the families out there reminded me of this: The blue dresses I made for the girls were some of my favorites. I smocked them with white "faith, hope, and love" symbols and made a scalloped hem at the bottom. Callie was not yet walking, so it was hard to see the hem on hers most of the time, but I remember that she got a "yellow chick" purse in her Easter basket that year, too.

Then, her senior year, she and her friends took pictures at Norton's prior to their prom.
This picture wasn't taken at Norton's, but at Centenary College instead. They, too, have amazing azaleas in the spring. How about those hats?!?! The girls used to like wearing hats at Easter and Jana used to always want white gloves, too, but we never did that.
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JJB said...

thanks for saying no to the gloves.

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