Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gobble, Gobble

Prior to my trip this past weekend, I made up my mind to begin a new collection---vintage "turkey" plates. As I browsed through the booths in Warrenton and Roundtop, I kept my eyes open for affordable options. But, by late afternoon, I decided that perhaps my vision was just way too high for my pocketbook. While I ran across several beautiful plates, they were way out of my price range.Then, we drove down to Carmine, TX and visited the corner house that is always filled to the brim with antiques. I found a variety of patterns both inside and outside the house and was able to bargain for a price I could afford! Altogether, I found seven plates, featuring four different patterns. It would be great to have one more brown plate and maybe one more pattern. And I'm wishing I'd bought those dessert plates at the house (I bought two later at another booth), but that will just give me something to search for in Canton. I think it will be fun to serve Thanksgiving dinner off the variety of plates someday--and fun to continue to collect matching pieces to complete the "set".
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Far Side of Fifty said...

I just love these plates..perfect for Thanksgiving Dinner..BUT I do not..repeat to myself do not need another set of dishes..but they are very cool:)

Rita said...

Understand about the hunt and the price. I collect both brown and red transfer ware but it gets harder to find affordable pieces in good shape all the time.

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