Saturday, March 14, 2009

Room Re-Do

There have been lots of changes in the last month and many more to come, but one I've been pondering is a re-do of my office. I need to make a space where my brother will feel comfortable when he comes to visit---a space he can call his own.

Given that my house is not very big and doesn't have much extra space anywhere,
this is definitely going to be a challenge! Jana and I have been brainstorming about different possibilities, and so far the best one seems to be to try to convert my current office space into a combination guest room/computer room. If you could see this office space right now, you would know that this is going to be no easy task! Mainly because of all the "junk" that gets stashed in here! So. . . . a complete overhaul is going to be in order.

I want the space to be one that he feels comfortable in and can retreat to while he's here visiting, to listen to music or watch a
movie or whatever. But, most of the time, Dan won't be here, and I need functional space in which I can work on the computer, store my sewing stuff, etc.

I really like this bed from Pottery Barn
But, alas, it is way too expensive. So, Jana found this bed on the J.C.Penney website:
This is a much more affordable option and it comes in black which would look pretty good in there, I think. Then, looking at how that room is arranged, inspired me to try out this room arrangement on the Better Homes and Gardens website:
The measurements are a little "off", and I never could get the door and windows placed, but I could use most of the furniture that is in there currently with the exception of the bed. The space would be tight, but I think it might work. When Jana comes in a couple of weeks, we're going to move things around to see if it might work.

Of course, in the meantime, that's all that I can think about. I need to work on estate paperwork, pay bills and of course, finish thank you notes, but what I really want to do is to move some furniture and see what it looks like in here!
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