Saturday, March 21, 2009

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie . . .

This morning, I needed to get some house cleaning done, so I decided to focus on straightening up the living room and the kitchen (the rooms seen by visitors). I began by mapping and sweeping and then putting away some laundry that was stacked on the couch. As I opened my linen armoire to put away a couple of pillowcases, I was reminded how messy it was in there and how so many of those linens could probably be given away. So, I began taking them all out and as I did that, I sorted them into different stacks. Sheets to keep, sheets to give away, blankets, etc., etc.

Stacked under a bunch of sheets were quilts that belonged to my mother. Some she'd made herself, such as these:

And others were made by her ancestors:
There were quilt tops made many years ago by her grandmother

and this Crazy Quilt top
that was made by the lady who lived next door to us when I was a little girl. It IS crazy, but isn't it wonderful!!!

Near the bottom of the stack were a few baby blankets, sheets and quilts. Of course, looking through those brought back more than a few memories, but I was able to part with some. I found the Easter quilts that Momo made for the girls when they were young. (those little animals are all attached with velcro so that they can be taken off and played with)

. . . and a pile of autographed pillowcases from a number of slumber parties. (by the way, I don't think Callie still feels quite the same passion for Beanie Babies).

Seeing all the quilts and linens reminded me that I needed to take some pictures before I put them all back in. And of course, after taking a few photographs, I knew that I needed to post them to my blog. Being on the computer, I chatted online with my daughter, which reminded me that I was really supposed to be cleaning house. Alas, back to work I go . . .

P. S. To clear up something my daughter asked me---I didn't give away ANY of the wonderful quilts, etc. ---only old sheet sets, old blankets and old crib sheets.
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Wammy said...

I am so jealous of all your special quilts. What tressures you have. My all time favorite is the crazy quilt. The are so challenging to make but are so great to look at. Love you top. Do you plan to quilt it?

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