Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Oilcloth project

With my Roundtop Antique trip fast approaching (I can't wait!!), I finally got busy last night to make some little gifts for my shopping buddies. The first year I went with them, I made oilcloth cart organizersThey went over well and in fact, last year, if I'd had a bunch of extras, I could have sold them as we walked around the antique show.
Last year, I made these tissue holders complete with a velcro strap in the back to hook to the cart. My challenge this year was to think of something new and useful to give my friends. Of course, the precedent had been set to use oilcloth, but since I only have a few scraps left, I knew the project needed to be small.
So, with a few scraps of these prints. . . . a little velcro and a clip. . . .I began sewing and came up with this. What is it, you say? And why is there a hole in it?Given the dust we roll our carts through and the toileting facilities that are available to us, hand sanitizer is a "must". I came up with these handy, dandy hand sanitizer holders that can be easily clipped on the shopping cart, or even clipped onto a purse handle or key ring. And with the hole in top and the velcro closure, it is refillable!
Someday, maybe I'll make a little tutorial for these. In the meantime, hope my friends enjoy them!
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JJB said...

you and your hand sanitizer projects!!

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