Friday, March 6, 2009

Has Spring Sprung?

Spring is here. Well, not officially, of course, but signs of spring are springing up everywhere.
Just a quick walk around the block with Emmi showed me that:
--robins have arrived--wildflowers are springing up in the grass--the quince is in bloom --the redbud trees are budding out in pink,--& just as the pear trees wear the fiery red in Fall, they are now showing off their Spring white--tiny green sprouts are bursting forth on the ends of branches (excuse the terrible photography)
--and that other green stuff is dangling from some branches . . . Yes, POLLEN!!Spring is definitely in the air!

After several days of feeling absolutely rotten, I finally made it to the doctor yesterday afternoon. I was so afraid that he would tell me that I had the flu--which would have made sense considering how awful I felt, but would have been frustrating since there would be nothing to give me to make it better. Fortunately, I have a really bad sinus infection! Hooray! (I guess) So I got a shot and left with antibiotics. It may be partly psychological, but I am feeling so much better today! I made it through an entire day at work and sat outside on the deck for a while enjoying a phone call from Jana and the warm weather.

Despite the gloom of winter and illness and the death of a parent, I'm reminded that spring still comes and life goes on.
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