Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Little Bit Of Bling

"There are no mistakes in lace, just misdirected threads that present a new challenge."--Barbara Bulgarelli

I know that the Macro Challenge was over yesterday, but I had one more picture that I took that I thought I'd post (well, actually a couple that are related to the same project). These are the little vintage buttons (about 1/2")
that I picked up in Warrenton last month, as well as some tiny tatted pieces that were very delicate and nice.
My mother was able to tat----I remember her buying tatting shuttles on year when my grandmother (her mom) was visiting us. We sat out in the sun room and Mother told us that she wanted us to all learn to tat. Sounded like fun to us, so we began. She had purchased leaflets with directions for each of us and we all started working with the thread and shuttles. A few hours later, Grandma and I threw our shuttles aside, completely frustrated by our inability to make the tiny knots and patterns. Meanwhile, my mother was working on a long row of intricate little loops. Mother continued to tat from time to time and was able to produce some pretty edgings that she used on pillows, towels, etc. So, when I saw these little medallions, I completely appreciated the time and skill involved.

Anyway, I know that
Callie doesn't usually go for much sparkle and frou-frou, but with a little bit of silk ribbon, I think these tiny touches of bling might be just right for her bridal toes!
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