Saturday, May 31, 2008

Say "Cheese"!

“To me, photography is an art of observation. It's about finding something interesting in an ordinary place... I've found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.” --Elliott Erwitt

Today, Callie and I got up EARLY to get makeup on and out to the beauty shop by 7:30. Heather was surprised to learn how difficult Callie's very healthy hair (that's what Heather kept saying) is to work with! The simple bun that she'd planned had to be adapted for her stubbornly straight hair. But, the end result was really pretty! Then, Callie got dressed there at the beauty shop, to the delight of the older ladies who were in for their regular Saturday morning appointments. By the time we left, Callie's hair was beginning to fall a bit, so Heather reinforced it with another 10-15 bobby pins and we took off.

We were to meet Britney (the photographer) and Callie's friend, Claire in front of one of the large downtown buildings. When we got there, the wind was really blowing, so we ducked into the recessed area of the front entrance to wait. Claire arrived and then we noticed that Callie's hair was really starting to fall down, so I took out most of the bobby pins and we left it in a covered ponytail.
When Britney came, we took off on a great adventure---finding interesting places for photos. W first went to her favorite spot: an old building with a blue exterior and arched doorway. Then, we went across the street where there were a few concrete pillars standing---the remains of an old overpass, we assume. At first glance, we wondered about the vision there---there was trash on the ground, a few muddy spots and lots of mosquitoes. But, once Britney had Callie squat down on a blanket, with her dress spread out, you could see how neat the spot was. There were tiny white wildflowers behind her and lots of green vegetation--I can't wait to see how those turned out!

Then, I suggested a place across the street that had a cement wall with vines growing on it, so Callie gazed this way and that as purple martins chirped happily from a birdhouse nearby. Callie asked to go down to the riverfront, so off we went. Britney is new to the area, so she was not familiar with the Barnwell Art Center and its arboretum. We decided to check it out. While some of the photos there will probably be really great, it was unbelievably hot in there and we were soon covered in sweat! Being outside didn't seem nearly as hot as we exited, so she shot some pictures under the trees and on the open, terraced area near the riverfront as kids played in the fountains nearby.

All in all, it was great fun and Callie looked so pretty! I can't share those pictures yet----we want some surprises for the wedding!
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