Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New Again?

Well, today was a productive day! With school officially out for most of us, I forgot yesterday to go do inclusion services at the year-round school around the corner. So, this morning, I got up early to take Emmi to the vet (she needs shots) before school. Then after an hour of teaching, I dropped my car off at the glass shop and got a ride back home.

With Emmi conveniently out of the house, and no car to run errands in, I set to sewing. I was able to work on Callie's dress with few interruptions and made great progress. While Jana's dress had buttons all the way up the back, I decided to put in an invisible zipper in Callie's, with buttons over the top. I was a bit worried about all the tulle and the buttons loops getting stuck in the zipper, but it all worked out well. The zipper is still "tight" and takes a bit of tugging to get it up past the satin waistband, etc., but I think it's going to work! Now, please, please, please---FIT!
I covered a bunch of buttons last night and made the embellishments for the ballet slippers. So far, I've been unable to find blank shoe-clips, but I have one more place to look. If not, I guess I'll take apart some old clip earrings and use the backs.
I really like how they turn out---I hope Callie likes them!
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Jodi Jean said...

i found your blog while looking for blank shoe clips ... so far i've only been able to find one source online, so i thought i would share it with you.

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