Thursday, May 15, 2008

Living My Dream

Today I saw this article about Callie's friend, Claire. I've always loved Claire---her energy, her positive attitude and love of life (although I must admit that there were times when she was much younger and her energy almost wore me out! haha) But what a great girl she is. She is living her dream right now and I hope that it brings joy to her and to all those whose lives she touches.

My initial reaction was "Wow! I wish I could do that!" and then I wondered, am I living my dream? You know, actually, I am. Not that my dream is that glamorous or earth-shaking, but when I was about 9 years old, my dream was to be a teacher--a special education teacher. I knew without a doubt that was my calling. The other dream that I recognized many years ago was that of being a mother. Those may not sound very ambitious to some people, but both have been so very rewarding to me.

I also realized that along the way, my dreams have changed, too. Not really changed, I guess, but I've added new dreams. In recent years, I dream of being able to do full-time volunteer work and I dream of being able to travel and visit my kids and future grandchildren without worry about taking time off from work, etc. I don't know that any of those dreams will materialize, but who knows---in a few years, I may discover that I am still living my dream.
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