Sunday, May 4, 2008

God is Good!

"Adoption is the new Pregnant!"--Unknown

Valine and I went over to Canton yesterday to celebrate her "milestone" birthday (Happy Birthday, Valine!). After national news reported on a tornado touching down there Friday morning, we weren't exactly sure what we'd find, but since our hotel room had already been reserved we decided to go over and check it all out.

As it turns out, the weather was absolutely perfect!!!! It was beautiful and the damage wreaked by the tornado had already been cleaned up. (Fortunately, there were no injuries in the 2 spots it touched down) The sky was blue and the wind was blowing. In fact, it was cool enough that we were really glad we had thrown jackets in at the last minute because we wore them most of the day.

While cruising through one of the pavilions, I spotted and commented on a t-shirt in a booth for babies and expectant moms. It said "Adoption is the new Pregnant". While it most certainly has been a source of controversy among rich and famous celebrities, instead I immediately thought of my friends, Todd and Michaela who have gone to great lengths in order to have a baby and have now chosen adoption of a baby girl from China. While they have been completely at peace about this wonderful process, I know there are times when the longing for a child must be completely overwhelming. The process of adopting from China is a lengthy one and they still have 2-3 years to wait. Meanwhile, every young couple at our church is either pregnant or has a brand new baby.

Then, this morning, Michaela asked me if I'd heard the news. Their social worker called them this past week about a domestic adoption that she thought they might be interested in. A bit apprehensively they agreed to meet the young mother and then decided that they were indeed very interested. And they learned Friday night that the mother has chosen them to be the parents of her baby boy and he is due in 5 weeks!!!!! FIVE WEEKS!! Amazing! I was moved to tears when she told me knowing how desperately they (and all of us) have been praying for this for them!

God is Good!!
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