Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Welcome Summer!

One of the best ways I know to welcome summer is to go blueberry picking, and Callie and I did just that yesterday morning.  We loaded the boys in my car and drove out to Blueberry Hill.  Baby D immediately found a rock that he was enthralled with and carried that around for quite some time.
We picked up buckets and were offered a ride out to the fields (which we didn't turn down).
We decided to pick blackberries first.  After explaining that we only wanted to pick the ones that had already turned black, baby D made it his business to pick each and every blackberry within his reach.
He got so very excited each time he spied one
and repeatedly reminded me that they were "my blue boppies)"
He took his job of carrying his bucket very seriously.

It went with him everywhere.
It finally got to heavy to carry by himself, so he let us help.
Baby D2 wasn't so wild about about the heat. Callie wore him in the beginning, but they both became so hot that we switched him to his seat when we began picking blueberries.
Big brother was very sweet and wanted to show his baby brother his blueberries as he picked them.
By the way, when you are picking blueberries, if you accidentally squish one a little bit, you might as well go ahead squeeze it until all the insides come out.  
When we were all done, we split our berries and headed for the house.
Both of the boys were sound asleep before we even got down the dirt road.  Once I got home, I got the berries ready to bag and store and guess what I found in my bag of blackberries?
Yep, that little rock.

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