Sunday, June 19, 2016

Granny Camp or Bust!

Ron and I brought home Michael, Adellelyn and Jexie to spend a few days with us while their parents chaperoned a church camp for teenagers.
Ron was at work most of the time, so Granny Camp was in full swing.
We'd hoped to go swimming at a friends' house Monday, but it rained most of the day.  Instead, we had an indoor picnic, made a quick trip to the store and began building tiny fairy gardens!
During a break in the rain, we were able to get out and go for a little walk.  We collected supplies for the gardens and splashed in the puddles.
Callie and the boys were able to come over for a while, so we enjoyed letting the cousins get to know each other a bit better.
The next afternoon, Callie and the boys met us at the park for some fun on the playground and in the Splashpad.
Baby D was very interested in the water fountains, but timid at the same time.  He liked it best during the intervals when the water was just dripping.
Needless to say, Adellelyn, Michael and Jexie weren't at all worried about getting wet!
They ran and jumped and had a great time in the tiny space.
On Wednesday, we prepared sandwiches, loaded the strollers and headed to the duck pond.
After eating our picnic lunch, we found a couple of mama ducks and their babies.  One of them let us sit very closely and watch her ducklings as they preened themselves.
There was some playground play, some tree climbing and of course, some minnow hunting.
By afternoon, we were hot and sweaty and ready to cool off, so we walked over to the neighborhood Sno Cone stand.

It was baby D's first encounter with Sno-Cones and he referred to his as a "blue cake".  After pondering his plan of attack--spoon or straw--he decided on a big bite.
It wasn't long until everyone's mouths and tongues were various shades of red and blue.
Our evenings were filled with eating dinner, 
playing cards with Papaw
and learning to crochet and finger-weave.
We all had such a good time together, but I had to return them to their parents on Thursday.  We carefully loaded their completed fairy gardens into the car and headed west after stopping to tell their Papaw good-bye.

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