Thursday, June 30, 2016

July Instagram Challenge

Well, here it is  . . . The end of another month.  The summer is passing so quickly, but this year, the swiftness of the day's does not bother me so much because retirement means an "eternal summer" of sorts.   The month of June has been a scorcher here, so I can only imagine what July has to offer.  Let's think cool and have a little fun with these Instagram prompts.  Just like previous months, take a photo each day, interpreting the prompt however you'd like.  If you get behind or need to skip a few days, it's no big deal.  Just jump back in whenever you can.  Be sure to label your photos with the hashtag listed below.

For more information about what I do with my Instagram photos and "photo-a-day" photos once I've posted them, check out this blog post from last year.

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