Sunday, February 1, 2015

Project Life 2015

A few years back, I made the decision to join the Project Life bandwagon and document my life throughout the year 2012.   I began the year with a bang, despite my bum arm (I had surgery early that year) and not only completed some layouts, but organized a work space on my dining table.  It was quite an eventful year, as that is the year Ron and I re-connected, started dating and became engaged.  You can see all my posts from that time right here.

Sadly, all that happiness and busyness interfered with my Project Life intentions and I never finished.  In fact, it pretty much all came to a screeching halt the first of July.  Coincidence?  I think not.

This year, I'm trying it again.  This time, I'm using the Project Life App that is available through the iTunes store.
This App is awesome!!!!   Because it's mobile, I can jot down ideas on the note cards whenever I have a few minutes to spare.  My photos are all synced between my iPhone, and iPad, so they are available whenever I want to complete a layout, whichever device I choose to use.

The Project Life App is so easy to use.  It comes with a nice selection of cards to use, and there are lots of additional ones you can purchase for a small charge.  I began with just the basic sets, but purchased a couple of extra sets last week, so those are also available on all of my devices.
Sunday evening is when I usually have the most free time (since I don't have to prepare lesson plans like many teachers), so I generally open up a new layout . . .
. . . insert a photos and then choose a journaling card for that day.

You can change the font, the size of the font and even the color.
When I'm done editing the layout for that day, I can click on the "x" on the top left and it saves it to my library, so that I can edit or add to it throughout the week.
Once the layout is completed, I export it to my iCloud storage.  You have the option of exporting in either a 12x12 format or an 8x8 format.  I've been doing an 8x8 format and hope to get some printed very soon.
At this time, the only negative thing I've found with the app is that the layouts do not sync over my various devices.  For instance, if I begin it on my iPad, I cannot edit that particular layout on my iPhone.   (or if you can, I have not been able to figure out how)   For that reason, I've mostly been using my iPad to create my layouts, although I've done a couple on my phone and then saved them to my iCloud storage with the others.

I should probably knock on wood or something, but so far, I've been keeping up with the project.   After a suggestion from Jana, I've created an Evernote document (that is even accessible on my laptop) to document a few sentences about each day, so even if I get behind, I hope that I'll be able to catch up.  Keep your fingers crossed for me---I'm currently on a roll!

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