Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Dogs and Snow

Emmi has a love/hate relationship with the weather.  She likes to be outside watching birds and chasing squirrels, but when the weather is very wet or very cold, she would prefer being indoors.  
Joy, on the other hand, loves being outdoors in the cold temperatures.  Of course, she has a natural fur coat on at all times, so she most likely doesn't even feel it.  She runs through the yard, chasing birds, squirrels and her favorite target---- Emmi.  
It generally starts out innocently enough--trotting along behind Emmi as she makes her trek around the flowerbed borders.
But, then, her puppy spirit takes over and she wants nothing more than to play with Emmi.
 Soon, she is leaping through the air . . .
 And taunting Emmi to chase and play.
And, while these photos look like they are romping together, it most likely is a case of Emmi running as fast as she can to get back inside where it is warm . . .
 . . . where she can watch the squirrels and birds from the comfort of a warm room and wonder why the squirrels have been allowed to get on the ground.

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