Saturday, February 21, 2015

7/52 Pastel

This week's theme was "Pastel".   While raising two little girls, there were plenty of pastels floating around the house-doll clothes, girl clothes, ribbons, bows, room decor.  A new phase has entered my life though, with four of our five grandchildren being boys!

Last week, while we were keeping baby D for a couple of days, I found myself reminded of my mama's adage, "There's a reason why God gives little babies to young people."   I loved EVERY minute of keeping him, but marveled that Callie is able to get anything at all done around her house.  He is at a stage where he can sit alone (but sometimes tips over) and loves to play with toys (as long as you are in the room with him).  Since I don't have a high chair at my house, I had to come up with another solution to keep him happy while I was fixing dinner.  The "pastel" bumbo seat" provided the perfect solution.  With a few toys on the tray, he could play contentedly while I cooked.  And of course, Emmi loved having him down on her level!
Since I was having a hard time narrowing down my photos choices, I also chose this one -- a picture of the beautiful flowers Ron gave me as a Valentine's/Welcome Home gift.  I especially loved the tulips and the white hydrangeas.  It smelled wonderful, too!

****2-23-2015 My photo of baby B in the kitchen was chosen as "Eye Candy" from the submissions for the theme.  All of the photos were so beautiful!  Check them out yourself over here.
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