Thursday, February 12, 2015

As Seen Around the Nursery

Like Callie and Jordan, Jana and Rob had some definite ideas about how they wanted their nursery to look.  Fresh and modern with pops of color and sentimental touches.  Coincidentally, their color schemes are similar, but they are styled differently.  Both included lots of DIY projects, so I was thrilled to be able to help out with some of those.  You've seen some of them "in progress", but now it's time for a room reveal to see them in place.

When I came over in August, Jana and I shopped for fabrics and got the shelves put together.  We made pillows and a cushion for the window seat.  
At home, I worked on sheets and covers for the changing pad.
Rob installed new laminate wood floors (which are BEAUTIFUL!!) and painted the walls gray.  It created the perfect backdrop for a white crib and dresser/changing table.  Jana is using a swivel rocking chair that belonged to my parents and the cushion on it was already a pretty shade of turquoise that goes great in the room.  We ran across the lampshade on our trip to IKEA back in the fall and it just seemed to be perfect for the room.  The lamp they later chose is perfect for the room!
The room has a sort of "adventure" theme to it, with feathers being the inspiration.  Jana made this wonderful dream catcher and used beautiful wooden feathers that she found on etsy.
They added a play mirror near the floor and an industrial style picture collage.
I completed the mobile last week and was able to bring it with me this trip.  Jana bought the mobile at a closeout tent sale at one of our exclusive baby boutiques.  Someone had removed all the pretty parts and all that was left in the box was the mechanical pieces.  The cashier couldn't believe that she really wanted to buy it and only charged a couple of dollars.  It was perfect for our plans!!
My brain wasn't working too well when I made the little "tent" portion.  I'd bought a wooden embroidery hoop that I planned to put under it to hold the shape, but after sewing and lining and trimming and embellishing, I attempted to put it all together---with no luck at all.  It was about an inch too small!  I was so frustrated with myself and Ron's suggestion to "just cut it and add a piece of material" didn't go over too well with me.  It would have been much easier to start from scratch than to "add a little piece".  After some thought, I ended up using a wire coat hanger to form the shape and then added the felt pieces, dangling from grosgrain ribbon.

The felt shapes I made include: a map, binoculars, mountains, tree, compass and arrow.
Rob added some memorabilia from his own childhood with some favorite collectible cars on the shelves.
I think that my favorite parts of the room are
--The quilt I made,
--The banner that Jana made from canvas,
--and the photo that hangs over the changing table.  Rob took a photo of the sprockets on his bike and they had it enlarged at a blueprint printing business before mounting it on a canvas.  I love the industrial look and the connection that Rob has to it.
The room is perfect for baby B and I know he's going to love it as he gets older.

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Jane E said...

What a gorgeous nursery and with so many personal touches!!

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