Sunday, February 8, 2015

More Baby B

I realize that I might be slightly biased, but baby B is pretty wonderful!  He is tiny and squirmy and wrinkly and cuddly and . . . just perfect. I'm so lucky to be able to be here while he is so new to the world--while his forehead is wrinkled, his tiny fingernails are scratching his face and his little feet kick uncontrollably.  
Jana and Rob made some small "thank-you" packets of cookies for the nurses and other helpers and Valine sent the cutest hand sanitizers for visitors.
While Daddy was out riding his bike yesterday afternoon, Jana and I decided it was time that Silas had his firstsemi- official photo shoot.  ;-)
Today was his first bath.  Jana and Rob were a little nervous at first, but their instincts kicked in and the did great.
Baby B was not too wild about the whole "take off your clothes and get washed with water' gig.
But, cuddling with Mama and Daddy afterwards was pretty awesome.

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