Monday, April 28, 2014

You Know It's Monday When . . . .

Yep, you know it's Monday when . . . .

** You can hardly keep your eyes open when your alarm goes off because you've been up for a couple hours in the middle of the night watching for bad weather.

** More bad weather is predicted for today and you realize you left your umbrella at the nail place last week.

** While you are eating your lunch, your daughter texts to ask "how about lunch?" because you previously decided to have lunch together each Monday and you completely forgot.

** Your husband send you a text that begins with "I'm fine, but . . . "
 ** That text was followed by one a little later telling me he had to go for drug testing.

** You realize at 3:11 that you you're supposed to be at the lab at 3:15 for a blood test.

** You leave the lab only to get stopped by a really long train.

** You get home to discover that leaving Joy free to come and go through the doggie door for the first time this afternoon was not such a great idea.  (this picture was taken AFTER I had things cleaned up---apparently she chewed up an entire pack of photos and brought in lots of bark to chew up in the living room)


--- after the living room disaster, I banned both dogs to their beds while I cleaned up and they actually stayed.  (well, Emmi did---Joy, not so much)
---The weather turned around today and the afternoon was beautiful.

---Ron was hit by a hit-and-run driver, but he was not hurt and the car is still running, although it is even less pretty than it was before.
--- Callie and I were able to chat through texts.

--- Fortunately, Mondays only happen once a week!
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