Friday, April 4, 2014

The Deck

Our yard is nothing fancy, but we've been working on getting it in better shape.  Last year, we built the area for our fire pit and this year our focus is on the flowerbeds.   We love to sit out on the deck in the evenings and eat dinner or watch the birds.  Right now, the deck is kind of a "winter transitioning into spring" mess, but we were able to enjoy it last weekend when Valine was here to visit.

I grilled some shrimp to go with our salad and it was so nice to sit outside and visit until dark.
Notice those corn plates---fresh from Round Top!
Today, Ron brought home a surprise for me.
A brand new beverage tub and stand that he got for the "right price" from a friend at work.

Can't wait to have friends over to try it out.   In the meantime, tomorrow looks like the perfect day to work outdoors.

Obviously, all those pictures were taken with my phone---I have yet to master the low-light clarity issues when using my phone.  Hopefully, I'm soon going to be learning some new techniques for using the camera on my phone more effectively.  Stay tuned for more details---and clearer pictures!
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