Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Warrenton Warriors 2012 - Part Two

I'm home sick today--a stomach virus hit last night and did a number on me. I'm feeling much better this morning, and I rarely miss work for being sick, but thought I'd better give myself a day to recuperate, just in case. In the meantime, I'll show you a little more of the fun we had at Round Top.

The Round Top Antiques Festival is held twice a year in the Hill Country of Texas. Vendors from all over the country set up booths in the fields alongside the country roads and all the small towns in the area get into the action. It's a little hard to see in this picture, but the tents and booths seem to go on forever.

Every year it seems to get bigger and bigger. Most of my buddies collect glassware, dishes, etc., but I seem to also be drawn to the shabby and industrial salvage. I am always inspired by seeing how the vendors display their wares. Valine and I also had a good time digging through stacks of old postcards and other ephemera that could be used in our Project Life Albums.

At one of the booths, there was a very old piano and a young man playing it. If you closed your eyes, you could almost picture yourself sitting in a saloon scene in one of the old western movies.

Pam B's daughter, Kendra, drove over from Austin to join us on Saturday so it was good to see her. Yes, we wear matching shirts---and get lots of comments from other people. It does make it easy to keep up with everyone, though.

Here are a few more random photos that I took throughout the weekend. Stacks of things obviously appeal to my photographic sense.

I'll leave you with a styling detail that was . . . um . . . questionable, at best . . .?!? (Valine, aren't you proud of the way I cropped that photos???) :-)

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