Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It's Official!

It's official----and the package in the mail proves it. I just received the notebook that accompanies the Karen Russell photography class I won---The Photographer's Workshop.

Just like everything else Karen does, the notebook is really attractive and well-designed.

And did I mention that it's really thick! Like 4 inches thick!

I've begun the class now, and am already enjoying it so much! I can tell that there will be so much information that it will take months to all soak in (and LOTS of practice), but it's really great. There is a really great network among other class participants, and while it is a bit intimidating to realize how very little I actually know, I figure this is the perfect platform to get out of my comfort zone and OPEN to learning, critiques and all that comes with this.

Please excuse me while I go buy some more ink for my printer---looks like it's going to be getting a good workout, too! (hopefully these photos are "before" quality and with practice, I'll be getting the hang of snapping nice, clear pictures each time I shoot!)
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JJB said...

are you encouraged to print all of your pictures?

Linda said...

No--not yet, anyway. We are encouraged to experiment, though, as we find what works and what doesn't.

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