Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Photography Lessons

So how are the photography lessons going ?

Glad you asked. Right now, my head is swimming with so much information that I'm afraid that I won't ever get it all sorted out! But, I'm having so much fun with it, I really wish I that work didn't get in my way and I could just practice all this stuff I'm learning!! And the more I learn, the more I need to remember as I'm setting up a shot.

Karen gave us a preview of her lessons on focusing and I found that information really helpful! When I bought my camera, I knew it was important to have a variety of "focus points", but I had absolutely NO idea what to do with them. I just learned that I can actually CHOOSE which focus point I want to use for any given picture and how to do it!

Of course, that doesn't all translate into wonderful pictures---at least, not yet.
As I have snapped pictures of my neighbors and kids I teach, I've had some real "misses":

And I've had some pretty great shots, as well:

Hopefully, gaining some consistency will be coming in the near future! (as well as some really great shots)!
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Anonymous said...

Love the pictures...I don't know what you did/learned with the focus...but I can see the difference!!

JJB said...

Yay for progress! Although I have to say, some of those more washed out photos in the first category aren't total misses (I kinda like 'em like that!)

Teresa said...

Linda, love the photos of the children, excellent shots. We need to start documenting community partnerships and volunteers for EHS so if you are ever there when anything is going on (special event with parents and other volunteers), please take some photos to share!

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