Saturday, April 14, 2012


This morning, I got up bright and early and met my friend, Veda for the Walk for Humanity. It was a 5K that benefits humanitarian causes in Africa. I haven't done a walk in a while (and I know it's a "run" for most people), but at the suggestion of our fitness guru, Patrick, we decided to go ahead and sign up.

It was a little breezy this morning, but pretty hot and humid. I enjoyed the walk and visiting with Veda along the way, although we sweated up a storm! (some of you may "glisten", but I SWEAT!)

From there, we both headed to a mission project that we're working on---quite a challenging one, at that. Veda and I are "wimps" and there were quite a few squeals as much of what we were doing was thwarted by bugs and such. A couple of other friends joined us and we worked ALL. DAY. LONG !!!! I'm pooped now, but am also ready to get back tomorrow and see if we can finish up after church. No pictures of that, though in order to respect the privacy of the person receiving our efforts. :-) (beside, believe me--you don't want to see any pictures!!) I am really thankful for friends that I can drag into these situations along with me, however! Love you, Veda, Rachel, Mimi and Leah!!
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JJB said...

Go you! I'm two weeks into training for a 5K myself... hoping to run/jog it, but we'll see how it goes!

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