Sunday, January 1, 2012

Family Photos

With Jana living across the country, it is hard to get everyone together for family photos. This holiday, I made the girls promise they would let me get at least a few shots together before Jana had to head back to South Carolina. Even then, it was still a bit hard to schedule a time when the weather was nice, we were dressed in something other than workout gear and had time to pose for a few pictures. Ideally, we would have had both of their husbands in the pictures, too, but with Rob absent this time, I decided to settle on pics of the girls and me.

This afternoon, Callie stopped by for our photo session. With no photographer in sight, the best we could do was to set up the timer on my camera and run. The sun was really bright, we did not coordinate our outfits at all, and our choices of places to set the camera were limited, but we still got a few cute shots. (Love these great templates from Coffee Shop)
Thank you, Jana and Callie----I love you both so much!!
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debbie said...

Cute pics Linda!

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