Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Front Yard Renovation

For quite some time, I've wished for a front yard transformation. I love flowers and pretty flowerbeds, but I really have no idea what I'm doing in that regard. When we moved to this house many years ago, there was a large azalea bush and a Sasanqua tree in the front yard, but I couldn't really say they were in a flowerbed. It's more like they were just sort of planted in the grass near the house. My mother helped me dig the first bed and as the years have passed, I enlarged the bed and added other beds in the back yard. But, the plantings had no real plan and the weeds often overtake the flowers by mid-summer.

In addition, the sidewalk leading to the front door has been situated right next to the house. Because my carport is not full-size, my car basically blocks the sidewalk, rendering it totally useless for the most part.

So, a renovation has begun! First, we removed the Sasanqua tree (photos of that in this post) Now, I'm having a new sidewalk built----one that makes sense! Here's the plan:

And here's the demolition and new frame:

The concrete is on the way tomorrow and I'm hoping that some professional landscaping will follow soon afterwards--a welcome face lift for the front yard!

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JJB said...

Looking good!!

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