Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Rear Renderings

Rear Renderings . . . . Posterior Picture . . . .Fanny Figuration . . . .

There's really no polite way to describe it, so. . .

Have you ever had a buttsketch? Yes, you read that right----- at the wedding reception, "buttsketch" artists were available to provide personal portraits of, well, your back end! At first, I wondered why in the world this beautiful couple would include something so. . . umm. . . interesting, in their celebration. But after watching the artists at work for a few minutes, and seeing that it really was much more than a rendering of my rear end, I was on board. In fact, Callie, Cindy, Elizabeth and I posed for our own mother-daughter buttsketch! (Can you tell who is who??)

Concerned that my posterior is quite a lot larger than those of my modeling buddies, I was pleased to see that our artist presented all shapes and sizes in flattering renditions! (otherwise I would certainly never put it on here!!!)

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JJB said...

I figured out who was who.... still odd though :)

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