Thursday, January 20, 2011

With Purpose

First I show you my nasty, broken toe and now I'm baring my hands. Don't worry, all my fingers are working fine, but gee they sure aren't pretty. There's no danger of me ever abandoning teaching to become a hand model.

Today I received the greatest little package in the mail. A week or so ago, Jana blogged about the "one word" that she'd chosen for 2011 and the bracelet she designed to wear as a reminder. Well, she made one for me! I liked her bracelet, but couldn't really see any details of how it was made. Well, let me tell you, it is so great!!! She made it out of elastic grosgrain and used tiny buttons to embellish it. I just love it!!

(yes, I know that I have ginormous hands. And see that middle finger that is crooked--I jammed it in the 5th grade when I was playing football with my brothers. I kept telling my mother it really hurt. :-)

Jana also included these little monogrammed sticky note pads in my package. Not my monogram, you say??? Look again----I think they ARE my monogram!! (Jana knows me for sure)!

And last, but certainly not least, you might have seen a glimpse of my Christmas present peeking out from under my sleeve. Don drew my name and gave me a gift certificate to The Vintage Pearl, where I picked out this beautiful charm bracelet!!

Today, I also received an email from Gayle with this quote that I really loved (thanks, Gayle!):
"Figure out what purpose you're trying to serve with every action. If something leads to no good purpose, DON'T DO IT."

With these special reminders, I'm sure to be able to keep my focus on the things that are important.
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