Tuesday, January 11, 2011

No Dancing Around Here

Disclaimer: If you are grossed out by dry, winter-worn, un-manicured toes, you might not want to read this.

Yesterday was a snow day, so naturally I stayed inside most of the day with comfy slipper socks keeping me cozy and warm. Unfortunately, slipper socks don't provide much protection when you are a klutz. As I was carrying a load of laundry down the hall, I ran into a pile of things I'd gathered to take to Goodwill---namely a small TV set. Tears sprung up, but I hoped that the pain was more intense because I was kind of cold, etc., etc. Well, the real reason it hurt so bad---I pretty much broke my toe!! By the time I went to bed last night, it had turned a lovely shade of purpley-black and the fact that even the sheets touching it woke me up confirmed what I had feared. (I kept this photo small so that you wouldn't be too grossed out by my feet)

I was able to find a pair of shoes I could wear this morning, so I hobbled a bit (but not too badly) to work and waited till clinic hours to call the doctor to see if I should get an x-ray or something. They told me that it was most likely broken, but I could buddy-tape it myself, since that's all they would do.

So, here I sit tonight---no dancing, no jumping jacks, no workout---just propping my foot and surfing the internet. Sure wish I'd had a pedicure before this happened---looks like it will be while before I can get one now.

I guess I could pick up those weights and at least get some sort of workout---but that would require getting up, wouldn't it?!?
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JJB said...

how brave of you to post your feet online! i was embarrassed by my hand yesterday!

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