Sunday, October 3, 2010

Superman . . .er . . woman?

Yes, it's the weekend and time for a brief respite from teaching. I love children, I love learning and I love my job. That's not to say that I roll out of bed every morning anxious to get to work. (I really don't think I'd do that with any job since I love to stay in bed those few extra minutes) But, I rarely dread work---I love the children I teach and love to see when that "lightbulb goes on" as they learn something new. With little children, there is so much joy in small things and I'm continually reminded how fresh and open their minds are, regardless of their economic situation or level of disability.

The days I do dread, however, generally involve lots of paperwork. Sometimes I feel like I'm drowning in mountains of paper and accountability. I mean really, does the regular teacher really have to sign for each child, every week saying that I showed up in her classroom for inclusion---my own documentation log that I've recorded all the activities and results is not enough? In an effort to improve education, we seem to somehow have lost teaching. My Happy Rainbow wrote a great post about just that---take a look at it over here.

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