Saturday, October 16, 2010

Feels like Monday?

It's definitely not a good sign when your Saturday morning begins like this:

Especially, if you discover your car won't start when you are heading out of town for the day. Fortunately, I have roadside assistance and a great warranty that should cover repairs. Unfortunately, they won't be able to even look at it until Monday.

After calling Dan to tell him I'd be a lot later than planned and then renting a car, I headed down to Cheneyville for the day. Dan was waiting on the front porch for me (just as I knew he would be). This time we went to the zoo. I'd never been to the Alexandria Zoo--the weather was great and we had fun wandering through the habitats and snapping pictures here and there.

We had fun watching the raccoons as they grabbed food and took it to the water for washing before eating it.

Turtles were everywhere!

These were some really hungry Koi!!

. . . Flamingos

. . . and Dan's imitation of the flamingos.

Of course, there was the obligatory stop at Wal-Mart to buy paper, pens (I have NO IDEA how he goes through so many pens), envelopes and a bag of candy corn and then we headed back to his group home. Dan and I put together small Halloween treat bags for all the residents and staff and he seemed to enjoy passing those out.
In contrast to the beginning of the day, my day ended with this really pretty sunset as I began my trek back home.

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