Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Wreaths

I was inspired by this post to do a Pottery Barn inspired wreath for my carport door. I took an plain grapevine wreath and spray-painted it green. I didn't worry too much about covering the whole thing since it would be covered with moss.Next, I glued moss on the entire wreath and then also lightly sprayed it green.From the Dollar Tree, I found sprigs of "berries" and after cutting them into small pieces, I glued them randomly on the wreath.Finally, I wired an old "bird's egg wreath" to the center to create a fresh new wreath (and the whole thing only cost me $3 since I already had everything except the moss and berries).
And speaking of wreaths, you may remember this wreath from last year:
While I liked the idea of it and the process of making it, it was one of those things that kind of took on a life of its own. Besides ending up way too big for my door, with the constant open/closing, it began to lose its shape as the summer went on. I did save it however, so today I recycled parts of it to make this wreath. The size is more appropriate, it is much sturdier and I love it! The best part---it was completely free!
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Jama said...

I love all your wreaths,you're so good at making them,so professionally done.

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