Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Chair Re-Do

I've been sick all day today. I can't tell if it's whatever is blooming outside right now, or the fact that I've been cleaning and stirring up old dust, but today my allergies got the best of me. Despite medicine, my eyes and nose were like faucets all day long.

I did, however, manage to complete a couple of projects. The first was the re-do of an antique chair. Several years ago, Callie begged me to rescue this chair from the storage unit in Atlanta where Don & Sally had stored it. It once belonged to my grandparents and it was pretty rickety, but it had so much character!Of course, I didn't realize what was underneath
or I might not have done it today, but once I got started, I hated to leave it halfway undone. So, I ripped off the lining and improvised webbing (since Hancock's was completely out). I decided to leave the horsehair stuffing and burlap covering on top intact and just added a few layers of batting before covering it with fabric and gluing the top back together. I'm quite pleased with the finished product!!

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