Thursday, October 29, 2009

Maggie Lee 4 Good

Maggie Lee would have been 13 today. Her life ended way too soon, as the result of a church bus accident this summer. I never knew Maggie Lee, but have many friends who did and who have been touched by both her life and the grace in which her family have handled their loss.

Today, 17,000 people from across the country joined together to perform individual acts of "good"----Maggie Lee 4 Good. Her classmates in the seventh grade class at First Baptist Church School chose to assist with the Carnival at 81st Street ECE Center (where my office is located). It's hard to say who had more fun---the preschoolers or the big kids, but it was definitely a wonderful act of kindness to this school and these children that are often forgotten by outside groups.

I am in awe of Jinny Hensen who has chosen to channel her grief into things that enrich the lives of others. And while there surely have been dark times filled with tears, on this, her daughter's birthday, she was at 81st Street in the midst of her classmates sharing joy and laughter. As we wore t-shirts with her logo and thought of small ways to help others, I can't help but think-what a wonderful way to celebrate her life!
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