Friday, October 9, 2009

Art School

Noel UMC just began their newest outreach project, the Noel Community Arts Program. I've been helping with the organization of the program, so it is certainly a relief to finally have it up and running. As I'd thought, we didn't have enough advertisement time to fully enroll all the classes, but I personally think that starting small is the way to go anyway.

I was interested in several of the new art classes, but I hated to take away a night from my barely-established exercise routine. However, at the last minute, I decided to go ahead and enroll in the Thursday night class, which focuses on "collage" I'm so glad that I did!! I had such a good time and am already looking forward to the next class.

The last real art class I took was in college and in fact, the teacher of my collage class was in that class, too! Only he's a real artist, unlike me. Or so I thought. . . I love Jamie's thoughts about that---"If God created the whole world and everything in it and we are created in his image, then we all must have some of that creativity in us." I've always loved art and love creating just about anything with my hands (with the exception of cooking). But, I still doubt my abilities regularly and find that I focus way too much on what others might think about my creations.

Last night, as we just doodled on paper and colored with markers, we talked about our lives an
d experiences. Then Jamie took each person's "doodles" and highlighted the artistic principals that each of us had used--completely unaware of what we were doing! Even our most primitive attempts seemed to point once again to the belief that we all have innate gifts that are just waiting to be discovered!

So what do you think---if these were wall-sized and hanging in a museum, would we say "Wow, isn't that great art?" :-) Okay, so maybe not, but I did use some "very architectural shapes" and if you look really close, you might even find "Spider Man" hiding in there somewhere.
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