Saturday, November 22, 2008

Five - Oh!

My birthday was this week . . .a big birthday . . . a "milestone" birthday! Yep, I think that I now qualify for the senior discount at some stores (now that's pretty scary)! Some people really dread those milestone years, but I don't really think about it too much. I don't feel old, so it doesn't really matter to me what the numbers are. And though my hair is sprinkled with a large dose of "gray", I feel like I've earned every one of them and have decided not to cover them.

So, when my birthday rolled around, I looked forward to a quiet dinner with my Dad and step mom and was thrilled when I learned that Callie and Jordan would also be joining us! I got worried momentarily when she insinuated that there were lots of surprised coming at dinner, but after I got there and realized it was just us, I assumed it must be coming in the form of waiters singing to me, etc.

Throughout the day, I'd had several emails and phone calls wishing me a happy day--more so than on previous birthdays---but, again I assumed that was part of the "surprises". Needless to say, I was completely caught off-guard and overwhelmed when I received my birthday presents! My dad and step-mom gave me a cash gift along with the most beautiful
James Avery ring!! (something that I truly love, but probably never would have splurged on for myself!!) And Callie and Jana presented me with the most amazing thing I've ever seen---the "50 Wishes Project".

At first glance through the notebook that Callie gave me, I thought that they had gathered good wishes from 50 friends and family members; and that was great! But, upon reading the opening pages, I realized it was so very much more---and the tears began!

I just couldn't believe what I was reading! They set up a website and asked many of my friends and family members (via email mostly) to participate in the project in a variety of ways:

1. Posting a birthday wish for me

2. Posting a picture on the website
3. Making a donation to the "Linda Jamar Scholarship" for children in Juarez, Mexico to attend school.

4. Post a wish for the children of Mexico.

There just couldn't be a more perfect gift! My heart has been deeply affected by my visits to Mexico and I am especially touched by the children I meet there. I was touched beyond belief that people had responded and that at least 10 children would now be going to school because of their generosity!

And the birthday didn't end there! The next morning, I began receiving phone calls about 6:45 a.m.---friends who were so excited by the project and were checking to see my reaction to the whole thing! And the phone calls continued---that was almost as much fun as the initial gift!

I have amazing daughters---girls who care for others and see the need beyond their own homes and respond! Thank you, Jana and Callie! I love you!!!
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