Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas Crafting

Today felt like Saturday. Not that I'm complaining---after all, I didn't have to work today and that was great. I slept in a little bit with the rain falling outside and then when I got up, I was able to take my time getting ready for the day.

I'd intended to do some more house-cleaning today (Callie and I did some major work on her bedroom yesterday). But, as is usually the case for me, it is always a lot more fun to make messes than to clean them up. So, I did some Christmas crafting.

Last month when I went to Canton, I found this and bought it for inspiration: Personalized hand sanitizer for $4.95 (excuse the blurry picture):I bought some these at Dollar Tree (2 in a package). . .some stickers at Hobby Lobby. . .and made these! (total cost about $.55 each)
At the same booth in Canton, there were some really cute personalized fingernail file holders made from grosgrain ribbon. I didn't buy one of those (I think they were $9.95), but I did purchase some ribbon for about $.50/yard at a nearby booth.I monogrammed the ribbon on my sewing machine, folded and sewed and filled them with files (also from Dollar Tree--2/package).
Voila'! (cost---about $1.00)So for Christmas this year, each lady in my office will get a set!----for about $1.50 each!!!NOW, I still have a good bit of tidying up to do and I need to get clean sheets on the bed because Jana and Rob will get here tomorrow night! Hooray!
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