Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Fire Is So Delightful

My favorite feature of my whole house is my fireplace. And my favorite thing to do----sit in front of the fireplace with a throw over me and knitting needles in my lap!!!

The temperatures have dropped in the last couple of days and it's quite chilly when I take my morning walk. In fact, it's been cold enough that I need to wear gloves and a headband to cover my ears. The weather has been beautiful, but as it cooled down again late this afternoon, I brought in firewood and lit the logs for the first time this season. As relaxing as it is for me, it is taking a bit of time for Emmi to get used to the new "thing" by the hearth. She barked and glared and tried her best to protect me, but her eight pound body was no competition for that crackling noise and glowing light. She finally calmed down after a while when I put her up in my chair with me and has been quietly resting here ever since.

When I put up the Christmas tree this year, I wonder if she'll remember her arch enemy Christmas ornament from last year---the wooden Santa?
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