Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Flash From the Past

"Life is nothing without friendship!" --Marcus Tullius Cicero

My phone just rang and when I checked the called ID expecting yet another political call, I was amazed to see a name I hadn't seen in about 30 years! Thirty years!!!

Thirty years ago, I was at Debbie and Randy's wedding and I haven't really seen them since. Shortly afterward, they moved to the New England area and though I'd hear news about them occasionally at first, I've heard nothing for a very long time. Years passed and now, they've moved back to this area, living only about 40 miles away!

What a flood of memories that phone call brought back! I pulled out an old yearbook to find photos of:
me in the Z-Club, Randy playing basketball and Debbie as pep squad leader. (not to mention notes from some of my girlfriends that indicate I must have had some sort of crush on Randy a couple of years earlier). After high school, we all went to college together for a couple of years and then they left to get married. And then our paths separated.

In a couple of weeks, though, our high school is having its homecoming game. Randy and Debbie are going to come to it and they begged me to meet them there. After recalling people from our old "gang" and their married name, present locations, etc. we decided to try to talk several into coming along. How can I resist a chance to re-connect with such wonderful, old friends??!! I'm kind of nervous about it at the same time---after all, my hair is now peppered with a liberal dose of gray and I've put on quite a few pounds since high school. But, Debbie says she has, too, and Randy insists that he is now bald and ugly.

We exchanged cell phone numbers just in case we have trouble recognizing each other, but somehow I think that all we'll have to do is look for the old people in the stands!
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