Monday, September 29, 2008

What a way to start the week!

Sunday morning----walking through the kitchen before leaving for church.
What's that?---water on the kitchen floor? There must have been water in that bowl as I loaded it into the dishwasher.
No, wait----there's lots of water on the floor. Is it coming from under the sink and trickling all the way to the frig? No, it's dry under the sink. So, that means it's coming from the frig.

Oh dear----I must have left the freezer door open (although I don't even remember opening it) and now everything is almost thawed out. Well, I've got to clean up what I can, close the door securely and get to Sunday School since I'm teaching. In the morning, I'll throw away the things that I think got too thawed out.

Sunday night---It's been a long, busy day. Let me get a nice, cold Diet Coke out of the frig.
Oh no!! The Coke doesn't feel very cold. In fact, nothing in here feels very cold. I repeat---Oh no!!

Everything in the freezer seems to have thawed out----while there is some sort of noise going on, nothing is obviously working. Let me call Carol's husband, Ron.
Ron looks in, listens and says---"You've got a problem." No kidding.
Okay, so let me find the booklet about the frig. I mean, it's only 4 years old!!
Oh wait! This may be good news! I bought an extended service plan on this thing. I NEVER buy those things (I mean they're supposed to last at least a few years, aren't they?) 5 years!! YAY! I'm going to call them right now.

They can come out in the morning. Okay great, but what about all this food right now. How much can I cook tonight? And, if I cook it, I still need someplace to store it. Okay, so I'll cook enchilada casserole and almond crusted chicken tonight.

Oh dear, Callie and Jordan's wedding cake top!!! I've got to get that down to Carol's house--along with the now-cooked casserole, the chicken and a few assorted half-thawed items.

Monday morning---Pork-roast in the crock-pot today and I wait . . . . and wait . . . for the repair person. Finally she comes and of course has to leave to get parts.

Finally, everything is fixed again Pork-roast for dinner, but I still need a cold, Diet Coke. I wonder how long it would take to cool it down if I put one in the freezer??

When the week starts like this, I wonder what's next?!?!
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