Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Passing Storm

Well, with the worst of the storm passing through Louisiana now, it seems that I now have a couple of days at home on my hands. Schools are closed through tomorrow, the rain is still pouring down here and it's the perfect day to finish a few projects. While I probably SHOULD be cleaning out closets or just my bedroom in general, for me, it's so much more satisfying to complete a sewing project. Maybe by washing a few loads of laundry and actually putting them away (as opposed to folding them in the laundry basket and living out of it), I won't feel so guilty about my fabric addiction.

In addition, this week's color is "plum". Hmmm, seems I'll really need to be on the lookout for that since I don't regularly have it in my house.

I'll also be thinking about my friend, Valine, down in Prairieville, Louisiana. While New Orleans has so far missed the beating that was expected from Gustav, just a bit northwest took a pounding with heavy winds. Winds in Baton Rouge were reported to be about 93 mph, so I can only imagine how that must have felt. While very accustomed to preparing for hurricanes, that kind of wind velocity is unusual so far inland. Once the winds passed, she was able to send me these pictures via her iPod, since her power is still out.
Her house:
Her daughter's car: (believe it or not, the trees narrowly missed the car!! Previously it had been parked in the driveway where that mass of tree limbs now sit)and her backyard.Thinking of you, Valine, and wishing I could be there to help you clean up.
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