Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Another Instagram Challenge

April is almost over and May is fast approaching.  Valine and Vanessa recently put together a list of photo prompts for the month of May and I added a pretty background.  Won't you join us in capturing your May Days?  (be sure to use the hashtag #MayDaysWithVandV)
P. S.  Here is just a little hint of how I keep this list handy on my phone (this first part works for both iPhones and Android phones).  I open the website on my phone (https://mommystreasures.blogspot.com), touch the image so that it opens by itself on a separate page. Hold your finger on the picture so that you are given a choice of what to do with the image.   Choose "save image"(I don't know if this option is available on Androids).  This sends the photo to you photo gallery.  On my iphone , I am able to select the little heart at the bottom of the screen, which designates it as a "favorite" and stores in in a separate folder that I can easily access without having to scroll through all my photos to find it.  

P. S. S. For those of you with Android phones,
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