Tuesday, April 21, 2015

You'll Never Believe What Followed Us Home . . .

Last Monday, as I was checking my Facebook feed, I noticed that the daughter of one of my scrapbook buddies was putting their travel trailer up for sale.  While we have often commented on how much fun a trailer of some sort would be (even two days prior), we weren't actively looking for one at all.

I glanced at the pictures and then realized that the price was actually in our price range, so I showed the listing to Ron that evening.  We began talking and thinking and figuring and messaging, and one thing led to another. Soon we putting a new trailer hitch on the truck (well, Ron was putting the hitch on and I was holding the light and handing him tools). . .just in case.
Of course, we needed to see the camper in person, so we made a last minute trip down to south Louisiana so that we could check it out.  We spent the night with Valine and Kirk, and while we didn't have much time for visiting, we did enjoy a wonderful breakfast together.
The weather was terrible, with a big storm passing through Friday night, but it gave us a chance to see the camper's flaws, too.
 This is Lily, Juliet and Roger's daughter.   She has been through quite a bit over the last couple of years, but she is a survivor.  She literally sparkles when she smiles.  Glad she didn't mind saying goodbye to the camper.
The good far outweighed the bad (there wasn't much wrong with it at all), and soon we found ourselves heading back north on I-49 and guess what followed us home?!?!
You guessed it!  We are now the proud owners of a travel trailer.
Can't wait to begin making memories in it!!
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Vanessa said...

I always loved camping and i miss it terribly. So my prayer for you is that yall will create many wonderful memories and enjoy it as much as I did. ��

Juliet Raffray said...

Mom just told me about your blog. First off, you take BEAUTIFUL pictures!! My goodness! I love this post. Hope everything is going a-ok with the camper. Have fun :)

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