Wednesday, April 8, 2015

2015 Round Top Adventure - A Photo Heavy Part Two

Our second day of shopping, we headed back to our familiar stop in Warrenton.  Once again, the weather was wonderful and just as we got started, I looked up to see a flock of white pelicans overhead.  Valine and I stood and watched as they circled and swooped in their familiar ballet.  It was a great way to begin the day.
We split into pairs to shop, meeting up for lunch.  Kendra drove over from Austin to join us and was even able to spend the night.
As usual, there were lots of beautiful vignettes.
And there were some rather unusual displays.
I found a desk with our "lucky 13" on it, and Valine found a sign with my One Little Word.
And, naturally, there were some displays that were just plain fun!
Sunday morning, we packed up the cars and then posed for a few group pictures.
We made several stops on the way home, the first being a beautiful field of Texas wildflowers.  The bluebonnets were just beginning to peek out, but the Indian Paintbrush were in full bloom.
It was windy and the ground was muddy, but that didn't stop us from tromping through the fields and down the road to get some photos.
Our next stop was the farm store in Industry where we stretched out legs and enjoyed the tiny chicks, ducklings and baby turkeys that were for sale.
Just outside of Brenham, stands one of the historical "Painted Churches" founded by Czech settlers.  Unfortunately, it wasn't open (some of them are left open at all times), so we were unable to look inside, but enjoyed the quaint country setting and the sun shining down from above.
After a quick stop at a garden shop, we made it all the way to Buc-ees, a sort of Disneyland of truck stops, for a picnic lunch in the back of our car.  While not gourmet, the food was pretty good and it was a fun stop.
This year was different.  We were missing a couple of our regular buddies, we shopped/browsed at new venues, made new stops on the way there and on the way home and even managed our meals differently.  But, it was a wonderfully relaxing trip and so much fun!
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