Saturday, May 12, 2012

Vintage Vibe

I spent most of the day helping my friend, Vickie, of Young Blooms, get ready for a wedding. A mutual friend's oldest son got married this afternoon, so it was especially fun to be able to be a part of helping with the flowers. The wedding was held at Brown Chapel on Centenary campus, a beautiful location named after their relatives. Vickie had most of the arrangements ready when I arrived at her house this morning, so we loaded things up and headed to the chapel. The wedding had a bit of a vintage vibe and the color scheme was green, cream and gray. After we finished at the chapel, we went back to her house to wrap bouquets. Once again we loaded everything up and headed downtown to the Silver Lake Ballroom to get things ready for the reception. My job was to get the apple centerpieces assembled for the tables in the music room. The hardest part was the 100 trips back and forth to the kitchen to fill the small watering can with water to float tiny orchids around the apples. The arrangements in the buffet room were beautiful bouquets set upon tall pedestals in the center of each table. I didn't have time to get a photo of the tables, but here is a picture of them before in Vickie's shop. I arrived home with 12 minutes to change out of my jeans into wedding attire! I walked into the kitchen just as Veda and Gary drove into my driveway to pick me up. The wedding was a perfect reflection of Chris and Sarah's personalities. It was beautiful and elegant, yet fun at the same time. Chris is a music connoisseur (the classic LP variety), so the choice of ceremony music was unique and wonderful. The guest book was great, too---a bound set of LP envelopes with photos of the two of them in the center holes. I was able to snap an iPhone picture of one other fun element---the Groom's cake. Yep it really was layers of Southern Maid Donuts with ribbon tied around it. And believe me, it was a hit with the guests!
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