Sunday, May 6, 2012

Blame It On Pam

Valine came up this weekend for her annual birthday trip to Canton. Friday evening, we drove over to her Aunt Pam's house, who kindly shared her home with us that night. Pam and her daughter-in-law, Esther had spent the day at Canton and brought home some beautiful plants she'd purchased there. After showing them to us, and telling about the amazingly good prices, we were anxious to find some similar bargains to take home. Saturday morning, Pam fixed some yummy muffins for us. We prepared to leave, with the car already fairly full with furniture and treasures Valine was bringing home from Pam's house. We had a minor setback when Valine discovered her car keys were missing. She has one of those fancy-dancy cars that starts as long as the keys are in your pocket or purse. But the car wouldn't start. And after searching for quite a while, we decided the keys must have been left at the restaurant last night (since we'd ridden with Pam). Finally, however, she found them on the car seat in Pam's car! Hooray! We were off! We quickly browsed some of the booths close by our parking and then headed our carts outdoors to find the plants. The weather was wonderful, although pretty hot, ut, we soon found the plants. LOTS of them! One of the booths, in particular, had been styled soooo pretty! Even the butterflies were enjoying it! There were lots of people, but for some reason, things didn't seem as crowded as they sometimes so, so that was nice. We made a few small purchases here and there and enjoyed visiting and browsing. After stopping for a much-needed water and cherry-limeade break, we decided to head for home. Of course, that meant we had to do some very careful packing of our carts as we tried to carry back as many of our plant purchases as possible. I blame it on Pam---if she'd never shown us her beautiful plants, we might never have known the gardening deals awaiting us. :-) But, everything fit in the car and we headed back to Shreveport. What a fun day! Thanks, Pam. We had a great time!
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JJB said...

Looks like an exciting trip! With lots of fun (and pretty) finds!!

Teresa said...

Linda, Ricky and I want to tackle Canton sometime, but I'm afraid I would immediately be overstimulated. Looks like a great trip.

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