Saturday, January 16, 2010

Round Robin --- Condlelight

The theme for this challenge is "Candlelight". Be sure to check out the other Robins here and see their interpretations of the theme. The first is a leftover Christmas scene:

This one is from my 2005 archives, when I lost electricity due to Hurricane Rita:

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Carly said...

Hi Linda :)

Christmas candles are so pretty. I display some similar to the ones you have here. :) I really like the last photo as well, it's such a soft lighting choice. It's just the best thing after a stressful day.


ellen b said...

What a pretty scene on your mantel...I like it.
The Katrina candles are sobering ...

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Very pretty decor on that matle - but I like the Hurricane Rita shot even more. Very dramatic!

MyMaracas said...

It's kind of hard to go back to electric lights after you've had the candles for a while, isn't it.

boliyou said...

Love the way the light looks. There's something so special about candlelight.

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